A Green New Deal for Seattle

Over the past few months, Got Green and 350 Seattle have been working on a Seattle Green New Deal with the goals of reducing climate pollution by 2030 and making Seattle a climate resilient city where people can thrive. The community wants the Green New Deal to steward a just transition away from fossil fuels and to center the needs of the communities hit worst by environmental injustice: working class, communities of color.

Group of people in front of a sign saying "Got Green"

In order to do so, Seattle’s Green New Deal outlines eight needs:

  • Fair green jobs for all that are living wage, union, and include a spectrum of jobs, from building retrofits to artists.
  • Housing for all that is permanent and affordable to stop displacement and support people facing housing insecurity.
  • Transit for all that is free, equitable, and powered by renewable energy.
  • Healthy food for all that addresses food security for all residents with expansion of healthy food benefits.
  • Healthcare and childcare that is universal and resilient from climate impacts, understanding that if all individuals are guaranteed a job it is only possible if all people have guaranteed childcare.
  • Clean and cool air that centers the public and reduces severe health risks from deadly heat and toxic wildfire smoke.
  • Renewable energy that powers all of Seattle’s grid by 2030 as well as investment in decentralized and community owned renewable utility models as steps towards energy democracy.
  • A fossil fuel-free future that holds the fossil fuel industry accountable with a lawsuit from the City Attorney and stops all fossil fuel development in city limits.

Got Green and 350 Seattle worked closely with Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien and his staff to create a Green New Deal Resolution that not only outlines communities needs but also acknowledges that Seattle’s climate pollution has increased despite past efforts. The resolution was unanimously passed on August 12th, 2019 by Seattle City Council!


— Marion Romero is the Operations Manager at Got Green Seattle.