We're Now About Just Solutions

Together in the 100% Network we have accomplished much. Over the years since our inception in 2015, the momentum for 100% has grown beyond what our founders imagined. Yet while this momentum has grown, most policy designs and discussions do not center justice and the leadership of impacted communities. It is not for a lack of desire on the part of BIPOC communities, nor a lack of understanding of why 100% is important. 

All across the country Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and frontline communities are developing innovative equitable clean energy policies and community-based programs; models that are forwarding a clean energy future that includes racial, economic and environmental justice. In most cases these ideas start with a nearly blank piece of paper yet are ground-breaking and innovative, and many are proving to be very effective. These Lodestar strategies inspire and shine a light on the just path forward; a path to address our shared climate crisis.  

Over the last 2 years we have worked to elevate these “best-practices” through our national field trips in 2018-2019 and the BIPOC-F created policy document, Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Just and Regenerative 100% Policy. However we believe we must do more to ensure community-created, innovative solutions continue to be shared and understood to grow our collective intelligence and so advocates in frontline communities can replicate and/or learn about models upon which to build their own solutions. So we have decided to be only about Just Solutions. 

By focusing on Just Solutions we hope to deepen the knowledge of equitable and effective policies and projects, foster peer-learning and support, and center the leadership of BIPOC-F communities and help build their capacity to replicate and innovate. 

What specifically does this mean to be about Just Solutions? 

  • We will continue to get direction from our majority BIPOC board members and partner groups. 
  • We are changing our name to Just Solutions Collective to sharpen our focus beyond 100%. 
  • Our vision and principles will remain the same, but our focus will only be on community-created, justice-centered climate and clean energy solutions.
  • Most important 100% of our attention will be on supporting BIPOC-justice policy practitioners, through both funding their expertise and providing the “back-bone” to produce, elevate and share the solutions they want to share, and organizing training, convenings and space to keep learning and innovating. We recognize that allies in the Network are important and there will be a role and place created and clarified later this year. 

A commitment to climate justice does mean listening to and bringing forward the interest of communities disproportionately impacted by our reliance on extracted, dirty energy. Fundamentally, justice requires the movement to be led by BIPOC-F communities not just to endorse solutions created by others. In order to solve historic inequities and put forward solutions to begin to address and redress them, we must assure that BIPOC leaders and organizations have a hand in the creation, implementation, evaluation and setting of the goals for climate justice - and the Climate Movement as a whole. 

As Just Solutions Collective moves forward to live out this commitment, we look forward to continuing to work with you.