The 100% Network brings together organizations from frontline and environmental justice (EJ) organizations, environmental and intermediaries from around the United States “who are invested in working to identify, share, and promote solutions that will advance the transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future that is equitable and just.”[1]

The 100% Network worked with the direction and leadership of frontline communities to create a document that contains the key policy building blocks of a regenerative, decentralized, and just transition to 100%.

The process used to develop the building blocks was:

Step 1: Draft Building Blocks document with initial fact checking by key energy experts

Step 2: Convene frontline leaders to review the draft and provide additional content

Step 3: Gather input from technical experts and vet with key partners

Step 4: Final sign off by frontline leaders and leadership of 100% Network

It is the intention to update this Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Regenerative & Just 100% Policy document after two years of implementation and regularly thereafter.


  1. The 100% Network. Accessed 26 Jul. 2019.

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The Just Solutions Collective launched a new effort to bring forward and coalesce the expertise from frontline communities into the Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Regenerative and Just 100% Policy. This groundbreaking and extensive document lays out the components of an 100% policy that centers equity and justice.