About Us

All across the country Black, Indigenous, Communities of Color, and Frontline communities are developing innovative, equitable policies and community-based programs; models that are leading a just future that benefits everyone. These ground-breaking solutions come from the input, expertise, and lived experience of those disproportionately impacted by climate change. These Lodestar strategies inspire and shine a light on the just path forward.

Our purpose

Just Solutions works to broaden and deepen the understanding of equitable and effective policies and projects to build the capacity of communities to replicate, scale and build support for justice-centered solutions.

We seek to…

  • Identify just solutions

    leading community-developed and equitable policies, programs and projects, through engaging our BIPOC-Frontline policy practitioners.

  • Provide informed analysis and research

    in formats that are comprehensive and accessible, with the direction and guidance of BIPOC-Frontline leaders.

  • Curate a clearinghouse of information

    on equitable policy and program models in our online library.

  • Foster peer learning

    and technical support for replication, scaling and adoption of just solutions.

  • Strategically deploy our analyses

    to broaden and deepen understanding, alignment and equitable outcomes.

Our vision

We envision transformed, healthy, thriving communities across the country, powered by community-based, clean, renewable energy sources. We envision a future where our workforce thrives from a just transition to a clean energy economy grounded in secure, safe, and sustainable jobs, and a future where people of low income and people of color are empowered to lead the movement for equitable clean energy and advance racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Our principles

Protect the rights of Mother Earth and BIPoC-Frontline Communities, those disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change. 

All living beings and natural systems, including people and animals as well as the air, land and water have rights. We recognize the historic colonial and capitalistic systems of oppression and destruction of the planet and work to correct it, especially for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and those environmental justice areas with high environmental burdens and social and economic disparities. We must recognize the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples and Tribal Nations.

Prioritize the leadership and knowledge of BIPoC, youth, and disproportionately impacted communities to ensure equitable benefits.

We believe those who have the most at stake should have the biggest role in decision-making, and be equitably represented at tables. Due to the disproportionate impacts Black, Indigenous, People of Color and frontline communities face, benefits must be directed to those living in environmental justice areas with high environmental burdens and social and economic disparities. 

Center BIPoC-Frontline Community Created Solutions

We believe in self-determination that communities know what is best for themselves. We recognize and support intersectional solutions that address systemic inequities across sectors, populations, and identities. We believe allies and those in power should work to build the capacity and resources so these communities can lead. It takes all of us: frontline and environmental justice communities, as well as environmental organizations, intermediary organizations, funders and decision makers to be at the table together and be in “right relationship.” 

Advance a Just Transition to a Living Economy from the ground up 

Most environmental justice communities have historically been deemed hubs of dirty energy production, processing and dumping.  As a result, frontline communities suffer the consequences of this legacy of dirty energy.  We believe these communities should be first relieved of this dirty energy burden by clean energy production for a just transition centered by community governance and ownership to  create local jobs, improve local health and wealth, while still fighting regional and global pollution.