Front and Centered: Climate Justice Strategies Towards a Just Transition from the Frontlines

Front and Centered has been organizing for this moment. Our Principles for Environmental and Climate Justice provide guideposts for how we do our work. Racial and economic analysis, such as the Washington Environmental Health Disparities Map, should drive decisions. We follow the leadership, knowledge, and expertise of communities disproportionately impacted. We pursue targeted strategies for Black, communities of color, and Indigenous people that create net environmental and economic outcomes for everyone. And we have our eyes set not just on piecemeal change, but a truly Just Transition.

Policy recommendations



This library contains Just Solutions Collective resources and other materials written by BIPOC-Frontline led or grounded groups or resources identified by these communities as useful and relevant. We are grateful for the work of these important organizations and want to ensure more groups and individuals can find and use these resources. If you have a publication you would like us to list or you would like us to remove a resource that is yours, please email